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MCC is back

MCC, the forerunner in the field of fuel efficiency aboard yachts is back in the game! Not content to rest on their laurels, they have recently updated their groundbreaking Marco Polo 46m design. Pioneering the path to fuel efficiency in 2007, MCC introduced the Marco Polo series of single propulsion fuel-efficient explorer yachts. Their first two yachts achieved world acclaim and industry recognition for innovation. Dorthea III (ex Maro Polo) has just hit the 100,000 nautical mile mark and Qing (ex Mazu) is not far behind her sister ship in terms of world travel. The owners of both of these world cruisers are thrilled with their respective vessels and spend significant periods of time living aboard with their families— a true testament to their appreciation of their yachts.

 Since delivery of its first two yachts, MCC has been involved in R&D to further develop its innovative systems. The next generation of MP 46-meter yachts boasts a sophisticated new dual propulsion system combining hybrid diesel-electric propulsion with an efficient single propeller arrangement, resulting is the lowest fuel consumption possible.

 While the new MP46 retains its original precept of delivering safety, redundancy and reliability, strides have been taken to create an even more user- friendly design. The exterior profile and general arrangement plan have been updated. The exterior styling now sports larger windows throughout. The result yields an interior space flooded with natural light and affording grander views to the outside seascape. There are now flexible guest accommodations for 12 including a master suite, two VIP staterooms, and three generous double cabins. A central elevator serves all four decks. On the bridge, technological updates include dynamic positioning capabilities and joystick maneuverability. The vast explorer foredeck has been reconfigured to allow for increased storage, including stowage for a 32ft tender. Other tweaks and updates to the overall plan render the new MP46 a comfortable luxurious and reliable yacht for those seeking to explore beyond the Mediterranean and the Caribbean…

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